Reach out to your Senators to help pass the #STAR Act

It has been a great week for pediatric cancer policy.  This week the STAR Act was passed by the House of Representatives and now proceeds to the Senate.

Help us by reaching out to your Senators. The directory is

The STAR Act is the most comprehensive childhood cancer bill ever considered before this Congress. It would allow for a  better understanding of  the causes of pediatric cancer and the effects of treatment, provide doctors with resources necessary to help identify children who may be at risk, and improve collaboration among providers so doctors are better able to care for survivors.

“Battling cancer is one of the worst ordeals that any child and their parents can face,” said Speier. “And for many children and their families, that fight does not end with remission. With as many as two-thirds of childhood cancer survivors experiencing secondary cancers or follow-up complications to their treatment, it is imperative that we have a strategy to improve their care.





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