Valentines Day

One of Taylor’s favorite days of the year was Valentine’s Day and there is no holiday that sums her up better. Taylor was all about love.

To Taylor, love was about friends, family, and paying it forward in life. During the highs and during the lows, Taylor was happiest when she was with others and when she was seeking ways to slay the beast of her disease. While she knew the research she worked doggedly to fund might not benefit her, she loved knowing it could make all the difference to someone else. I can’t imagine a purer love.

Taylor loved holidays and could concoct anything to fill an ordinary day with fun and celebration. She lived life to its fullest, wanted everyone to be happy, and gave her friends and family enough love in her short sixteen years to last a lifetime.

Our love story will never end. Every Valentine’s day we all remember the glorious moments we shared with Taylor.

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