#stepUp to help children with cancer

Our kids are the brightest stars in our lives. #StepUp in support of more funding for childhood cancer research to make sure every child can shine on and live a long, bright life.

Taylor was high spirited, fun loving, brave and determined. She used contagious laughter and smile to brighten every one’s day. Above all else, Taylor believed, that in life…”All You Need is Love”. Taylor bravely fought her illness for 5 years with a strong compassion for helping others.

Taylor knew the agony of the current state of the art in pediatric treatments and she knew how little is being done to keep other kids from knowing her pain and fear. She had 14 surgeries that did serious and lasting damage to her little body, 18 rounds of high dose chemotherapy, dozens of blood transfusions, weeks of torturous hospital stays, and countless days hooked to machines in the clinic. These treatments had ravaging effects on her little body.

She knew that chemotherapy is a toxic poison that often CAUSES secondary cancers. She knew that one of the chemotherapy drugs had harmed her hearing, another could have damaging heart effects and all have damaging effects on the kidneys and liver. Most of the drugs used on cases like Taylor’s are the same as were in use 20 years ago and cure rates for solid tumors have hardly changed in the last 10 years. Recurrence is all too common as well.

#StepUP to fulfill taylor’s dream that “someday no child will have to face cancer.

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