Global Oncology Report

Lancet Oncology report (authored by 44 of the world’s leading oncologists, pediatricians, global health experts, economists and CEO, Ruth Hoffman, of ACCO) states that “without additional investment, 11 million children are expected to die from cancer between now and 2050.”
The report challenges previous misconceptions that childhood cancer care is cost prohibitive, and reveals that sustainable care for kids with cancer is affordable and achievable in all countries around the world, including low-middle-income countries (LMIC). It is estimated that 13.7 million children are expected to develop cancer worldwide between 2020 and 2050. Ten million of those cases will be in low- to-middle income countries.
This reports presents the investment case for childhood cancer, creating advocacy opportunities around the world to encourage governments to step up to save the lives of millions of children.
Actions encouraged:
-Make childhood cancer an integral part of essential benefits package when expanding universal health coverage
-Develop fully costed national cancer control plans for LMICs
-End out-of-pocket costs for kids with cancer to prevent treatment abandonment
-Establish national and regional cancer networks to increase access to essential services
-Expand the quality and quantity of population-based cancer registries to include data on childhood cancer
Invest in research and innovation in LMICs, through the establishment of a new global coalition fund of $100 million per year.

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