Empire State Building Snubs Call to Honor Childhood Cancer Research

Shame on You-
New York City’s famed Empire State Building was lit up in blue on Monday night – and will be again on Tuesday – to honor the Democratic National Committee in the hope of luring the party’s quadrennial convention and its hundreds of millions of revenue dollars to the Big Apple.

The partisan political stunt has passed with little controversy, although the rules on the building’s website declare that the building ‘does not light for political figures and campaigns.’

The 1931 skyscraper is owned by a private real estate trust that floods its top spire with colored lights about every three days to celebrate holidays, honor sports victories and observe milestone anniversaries for American institutions.

Forty such lightings punctuated the Manhattan skyline between May and July, including the national colors of World Cup finalists Germany and Argentina; red, white and blue to acknowledge the 100th anniversary of Little League baseball; bright green to mark the Muslim holiday Eid al-Fitr; and blue and yellow to honor ‘E.U. Day.’

But last week the building’s website added two last-minute observances as the Democrats tasked with choosing a 2016 convention city prepared to visit New York and hear Mayor Bill de Blasio’s pitch.
By: Reuven Blau (New York Daily News)

The city’s second tallest building is coming up short for young cancer patients.

Empire State Building officials will not light up its iconic skyscraper in gold this September for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, despite calls from City Councilman Vincent Gentile and health advocates.

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