Don’t Miss your Chance

ACCO is Excited to Help Deliver Dreams to 30 Special Childhood Cancer Kids this September – DON’T MISS YOUR CHANCE!
The American Childhood Cancer Organization in collaboration with a New Corporate Partner is delivering dreams for 30 kids this September during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!
Entries accepted until this Sunday, July 23rd so don’t miss your chance!
This initiative is a campaign celebrating school-aged children and teens (ages 6-19) affected by cancer who have a strong interest and curiosity in exploring STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) and robotics. School-aged children currently in treatment and childhood cancer survivors are encouraged to participate, so enter today!

This exclusive experience will provide 30 children/teens—a child/teen for each day of the month—the opportunity to visit a large scale, state-of-the-art fulfillment center and explore the behind the scenes world of cutting-edge technology and robotics. Children and their immediate family members will be VIP guests with all expenses paid for this interactive, once in a lifetime, exciting experience.
Celebrate a child interested in exploring these incredible innovations by completing the application form through the “Enter Here” button above or sharing this form with someone you know. To be considered, all fields must be completed and the form submitted by Sunday, July 23rd. Notification of participation in the program will be announced by July 31st. All “Dreams” will take place during the month of September 2017 as part of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

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