ACCO is Thrilled to Announce That After Many Years of Collaboration, Childhood Cancer International (CCI) has Been Formally Accepted Into Official Relations Status With the World Health Organization (WHO)!
The announcement was made January 31, 2018 by the 142nd Session of the Executive Board of WHO. WHO engages with non-State actors who are regarded as playing a significant role in the advancement and promotion of global public health. CCI joins renowned organizations including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, International AIDS Society, International Association for Hospice and Palliative Care Inc., Oxfam, Rotary International, Union for International Cancer Control, SIOP and others. The American Childhood Cancer Organization (ACCO) is a proud Founding Member of CCI, and as ACCO’s CEO, I am personally honored to be serving a three-year term as CCI’s Board President.
In addition to continuing strong collaborations with WHO over the next few years, CCI’s status as non-State actor in official relations means that CCI, representing its member organizations, including the American Childhood Cancer Organization, will have a voice at WHO meetings including the annual World Health Assembly (WHA) and will be able to work more actively on committees and projects of the WHO that involve childhood cancer. This is a unique opportunity for CCI and its member organizations to expand its work and to bridge with other key stakeholders in global health.
Childhood Cancer International is a nongovernmental organization comprised of a global network of 188 member organizations in 96 countries including the American Childhood Cancer Organization, representing childhood cancer support groups, childhood cancer survivor associations and cancer societies. It works in collaboration with policy-makers, civil society, international organizations, and health, research and medical professionals. CCI’s aim: to advance cure, transform care, and instill hope for children and families affected by childhood cancer around the world.
In collaboration with WHO over the last 3 years, CCI has disseminated WHO’s guidance on cancer care through workshops and during International Childhood Cancer Day to promote palliative care and pain management and improve access to essential medicines. CCI has supported WHO in the organization of in-country workshops in Ethiopia, Fiji, Ghana and Myanmar, working alongside broad multi-stakeholders including governmental officials and international partners, to develop national cancer work plans and strengthen national capacity in childhood cancer care. Lastly, under WHO’s guidance, CCI conducted an assessment in 16 countries in Latin America to analyze how childhood cancer care is integrated into their general health systems. This collaboration generated health system evidence to drive evidence-informed public policy decisions and improve childhood cancer care in the region. ACCO has been intimately involved in these workshops, awareness initiatives and assessment tools development.
As a parent-driven organization, ACCO is keenly aware that childhood cancer doesn’t end at our U.S. borders. We recognize that 80 percent of children with cancer in the world live in low-to-middle income countries (LMIC’s) and that unlike developed countries, 80 percent of those children will die. As such, we are committed to our role as a member organization of CCI to address the needs of children with cancer in the U.S. as well as around the world.

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