Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is near universal in its observance with cards, flowers, and family get-togethers. But the day has vastly different meanings for people at different stages of their lives. The joy of the first Mother’s Day with a new baby is unparalleled while just the anticipation of Mother’s Day following the death of a mother or child feels like salt on a wound.

For me, Mother’s Day hits every note on the scale. I miss my mother, I mourn Taylor, I beam with pride seeing the loving, extraordinary women Ryan and Corey have become. I remember every year of our growing family and grieve the year our family shrank. Yes, all these emotions come on a single day. And yes, it’s just another day because all these emotions don’t need Mother’s Day to be felt.

The cycle of holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries takes on poignancy whenever there is a major life event – either happy or sad. It is hard to watch my family celebrate me as a mother when a piece of that role is missing, but Taylor is never out of my heart, my thoughts, or my motherness. While there are no cards or flowers or brunches with her, I am her loving and proud Mom on the second Sunday in May and every day. Motherhood never ends.

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