Absent But Present

Taylor’s presence was always larger than life. Her smile, her humor, her mischievous eyes, and her life loving energy filled every room. The only thing as large as her presence is her absence. I’ve had to live without her gigantic hugs, but I can feel them to the bottom of my soul. Her laughter rings in my head and I find myself laughing along. She left us her motto of never playing by the rules which I have adopted. Our love story will never end.

I sometimes come home expecting to see a house full of teenage mischief and hilarity. When I hear a song she loved, I’m even convinced she has dropped in to say hello. While I know Taylor is no longer here, the enormity of her presence fills my home, my heart, and my mind. Sadly, my memories will have to suffice, but my heart is working to keep her close by.

The world won’t ever know the wonderful woman she would become, but that joyful smile, deep-hearted laugh, and love-filled hugs would surely bring love everywhere she went. Her absence and her presence are enormous.

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