A Long Day

A day in the hospital with a sick child can be very long. Hours are wasted waiting for doctors who are naturally late, procedures and especially scans that are never done on time.
An a adult can tolerate long waiting times more than an active child. Adding being sick … It was not a pretty picture.
Time on I phones and lap tops is a good distraction but does not engage your child in conversation. Conversation so desperately needed as children go to school less, engage with their friends less and can have long periods without interaction because of low white counts.
I found setting up visits every day Taylor was in the hospital to be a wonderful solution. I had to bear in mind those who found it very difficult to come because of time constraints and it was very obvious to tell if a person or kid was uncomfortable seeing taylor so compromised.
Among my many jobs I had to plan a social calendar. i was amazed at how many people , many that were just acquaintances, were happy and willing to come visit. No matter how sick Taylor was visits cheered her up.

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