Bob Matthews

Bob is Taylor’s Dad and he experienced firsthand the reality that treatments for pediatric cancer have been moderately successful at best. During Taylor’s illness, Bob researched treatment plans throughout the United States and Europe. He spoke to doctors all over the world, always seeking a new protocol for Taylor and a new way of thinking about treating all children with cancer. Together with Sue, he works to honor Taylor’s memory and fulfill her wish to bring attention and funding to pediatric cancer research.

Bob is currently the President and CEO of Fieldpoint Private, a boutique private bank and wealth management firm with offices in Greenwich, CT; New York City; and Palm Beach, FL. He develops, implements, and oversees all of the bank’s strategic planning and growth.

Bob has a 30-year career building and improving financial service firms. He previously held several executive management positions at Citigroup including Director of Global Wealth Advisory Services. He is a graduate of Franklin and Marshall College with a degree in English and economics.